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Arhon, your productive and efficient digital assistant that automates your work through automated services and processes

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  • Management

Booking engine

Open up new markets: Make it possible to book your rooms via your website and social networks.

Check-in rapide
  • Management

Fast Check-in

Save time and money for you and your customers, streamline your arrivals/departures and increase your satisfaction rate

  • Finance

Online Payment

Save time and money for you and your guests, make your arrival/departure times smoother and increase satisfaction

  • Marketing

Statistics and exports

Get the numbers that matter for your facility with just a few clicks.

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managed rooms

Our solution enables hotel management for an unlimited number of rooms


Time savings in % in average per month

With a minimum annual salary for a full-time receptionist of CHF 57,500, including a 13th month and 14% employer contributions, the savings are considerable.


Arhon is a Swiss public company, managed in Switzerland with support in Switzerland.

We have no borders, sky is our limit! We have the ambition to export our solution abroad. Thus, we are expanding our distribution network from Switzerland to the international market.


Since its marketing, a software available and never outdated

Based on an agile development method, we ensure the maintenance of the software and improve our solution according to the technological development.