The channel manager

Synchronize your online reservation platforms automatically from your Arhon hotel management software.

channel manager fr

Automated synchronization from your Arhon hotel PMS

Thanks to our integral installation, the configuration of the channel manager is completely transparent to you.

Then from Arhon, update new rate plans, closing, opening rooms.

The advantages for you:

  • A complete configuration thanks to the Arhon business expertise
  • A single point of contact Arhon
  • One Arhon billing
  • Only one Arhon support
  • reservations, modifications, cancellations from your online reservation platforms are automatically integrated into the Arhon hotel software
  • the update of the availability of rooms for sale is automatic, you have nothing to do

With your Arhon hotel PMS, the management of your establishments becomes easier and more efficient.

We accompany you throughout its implementation for a successful launch and immediate benefits.