You are a holiday home

Do you own one or more holiday homes? Also benefit from the advantages of a simple solution to manage the rental of your holiday home(s) without constraint.

logiciel gestion maison vacances

Arhon the technology to simply and efficiently manage your vacation home

Discover Arhon, the solution for your seasonal rental needs for your vacation home(s).

With few exceptions, your management needs are the same as those of a hotel.
It is essential for you to be visible on the internet at the times you have defined.

With the Arhon holiday home management software:

  • Rent your house online thanks to the booking engine installed on your website
  • Opt for the feature that generates bookings for your property by making it visible on successful travel sites such as Google Hotel Ads, Trivago and TripAdvisor
  • Reduce Significantly the costs of an overly greedy booking platform
  • Secure the reservation by guaranteeing online payment

Arhon is very easy to use and works with cloud-based technology, accessible wherever you are and from any mobile or desktop device. To learn more and find out how it can help you on a daily basis, take advantage of a personalized demo.

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