Features designed for your hotel business

Save up to 90% of your working time by choosing Arhon’s hotel management software and its features designed for you!

From the management of your structure, to check-in, through a booking engine and online payment, discover all the features of our PMS.

A hotel platform with many functionalities

To complement our hotel management software and to facilitate recurring tasks, we offer the appropriate hardware to complement our Check-in functionality: the scanner for passports, identity cards, driving licenses and residence permits. By automating the check-in process, you simplify your administrative procedures as well as the legal obligations of eHESTA. You get an automated calculation of the tourist taxes, statistics and analysis of your customers

We have chosen to offer you an online booking functionality designed for you and your customers. Where the leaders of the room booking industry apply commissions that sometimes amount to 30%, Arhon has chosen to offer you a booking engine that does not charge a commission on bookings but a flat monthly fee based on the number of rooms. A great and significant direct competitive advantage for you and the prices you offer to your customers online.

Fonctionnalités Logiciel de gestion hôtels Arhon

An ongoing research and development service for reliable and viable management software

The continuous research and development of our PMS guarantees

  • the viability of the software
  • the deployment of new functionalities
  • the stability
  • the reliability of your software

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