Arhon has configured for you all the particularities of the tourist tax also for Switzerland

What is a tourist tax?

A tourist tax is a tax that a person staying in an accommodation such as a hotel, campsite, holiday lettings, bed and breakfast must pay to the accommodation provider.
The accommodation provider then declares the tourist tax to his municipality or canton and pays it to them.
In short, the accommodation provider collects the tourist tax on behalf of the commune or canton.

This tax is compulsory, but varies according to the canton and the customer, which can cause difficulties in calculating it. Fortunately, Arhon provides you with a real answer to facilitate their management.

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How is the tourist tax calculated?

The tourist tax is subject to regulation by canton, e.g. Switzerland:

  • Exemption from tourist tax
  • Tax on a number of rooms or more
  • Amount per age group, e.g. CHF 0 from 0 to 2 years, then CHF 0.50 from 3 to 12 years, then CHF 1.50 from 13 years

Cumulative amount per season, example: CHF 2.50 high season and CHF 1.50 low season

  • A soldier or a person who during the work of his house resides in a hotel in the canton of his main residence is exempt from payment of the tourist tax
  • A stay of more than 30 days exempts the guest from paying the tourist tax
  • The tourist tax may, depending on certain cantons, be subject to VAT


All these features have been developed in Arhon, in order to simplify the automated calculation of the tourist tax according to the date of birth indicated at the time of check-in.
We have also added an additional configuration for an establishment that manages several establishments from a single interface.
Do you manage several establishments? Manage them from a single interface thanks to our solution.

Avoid long and tedious calculations, for you and your customers, and make your reception processes more fluid.

In return for the tourist tax, the guest can receive a guest card to use public or other transport, cf. guest card interfaces.