Compliant hotel billing simplified and fast in one click

We have listed and configured all the particularities of invoicing and payment related to the hotel industry in order to facilitate it, and to meet the requirements of your guests.

With Arhon’s solutions, your hotel billing management is adapted to your needs, to your operating mode and to your constraints. You have the choice to invoice/pay :

  • the total or partial amount of a reservation
  • the person who made the reservation
  • the check-in person
  • send the invoice by email
  • in case of an error, with one click you can create a credit note for the invoice concerned
  • proceed to the total or partial payment of the reservation

You free yourself from long and tedious invoicing processes that can weigh on your productivity, and respond more quickly to the specific needs of your customers.

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Post your invoices and payments to the accounting system in record time

With a single click, send your invoices to accounting software such as Abacus’ AbaNinja

  • the invoice is sent in pdf and xml format via email with one click to the accounting system (ZUGFeRD standard)
  • the invoice is considered paid in accounting if the payment has been made before sending to accounting
  • the invoice is considered unpaid in accounting if payment has not been made before sending it to accounting
  • your hotel revenue is immediately updated in your accounting

Do not wait any longer to benefit from all the advantages that Arhon solutions can bring to your establishment. To find out more and discover all of its features in more detail, contact us.

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