Statistics and Exports

Get essential figures for your establishment in just a few clicks.

The Arhon hotel management software allows you to very quickly generate your dashboards and statistics from a single interface for easy management and daily monitoring of your essential metrics.

Exports and statistics by Arhon

A simple operation allowing you to obtain essential data for your establishment. You can then identify your strengths and areas for improvement at a glance, giving you the opportunity to adapt your strategy and respond more quickly to your management needs.

A solution whose usefulness is customizable. Here are some of its benefits:

  • The Arhon back office allows you to select, export and print in record time all reports such as turnover, occupancy rate, payments, invoicing, options
  • Choose the widgets needed for your organization and customize your dashboard
  • Our plus for you, all our widgets can be exported in pdf format
  • All files are exportable in excel and csv format

The Arhon Hotel PMS supports you on a daily basis and represents a real added value for your establishment.

The Arhon hotel PMS accompanies you on a daily basis and represents real added value for your establishment.