Arrangement List

The list of arrangements automatically includes the comments you entered at the time of booking. This is very useful for the room cleaning service and the breakfast service, for example.

The arrangement list, a complete communication tool

What if you had the means to pass on to your teams all the information about a booking that you consider necessary, simply and quickly ?

With Arhon, a comment field for the reservation and a note field for each room allow you to transmit all the information you deem necessary to your team, you just have to generate the file in pdf format in one click.

The list of arrangements includes the following information:

  • arrivals, departures and remainders on the selected day
  • the commentary for the reservation
  • the personalized commentary per room
  • the total of adults, the total of children

This functionality offers real added value: all your teams have all the elements for a successful reception and stay, for improved customer satisfaction.

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