Mandatory legal declarations for the hotelier

Spend more time in the field! Arhon takes care of your mandatory declarations as a hotelier.

Make your hotel management easier: Arhon takes care of your mandatory declarations

Let Arhon do your declarations for you!

Arhon is there to do all the essential “paperwork” for you, avoiding penalties and saving you precious time, which you can spend on your hotel business, for you and yours

« How does it work ? »

  • All mandatory declarations are subject to the presence of the guest in the hotel
  • Thanks to the Arhon check-in, name, first name, date of birth, nationality, type of document and identity number, dates of stay required for hotel declarations in Switzerland will automatically fill in the forms

« Which statements ? »

  • The police, who also have the right at any time to consult your registration forms
  • The tourist tax is paid per guest and per night with different criteria and amounts depending on age and place of residence. It is your responsibility and obligation to declare this tax and to pay it to your canton or municipality
  • The Swiss Federal Statistical Office, eHESTA, collects information on the number of guests, the number of nights and by nationality

« How to create the statements ? »

  • from your dashboard, the declarations for the tourist tax and for the police are created in 5 seconds in excel or csv format
  • the eHESTA declaration (Swiss obligation) is generated automatically every month and is visible from your dashboard in xml format

« When to submit the declarations ? »

  • you decide when to submit the declarations by the deadline, except for certain cantons in Switzerland such as Basel-City and Basel-Landschaft

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