Arhon® is a Swiss cloud solution designed by hoteliers for hoteliers.

A new daily companion that simplifies the management of your reservations, check-in/-out and legal declarations (Police, taxes of stay, ministry of tourism, etc).

Integrated statistical- and marketingtools as well as e-reputation management tools assist you in making decisions about your next steps on the market.

At Arhon®, we like the simple things !

That’s why our Arhon® Document Scanner will scan any official Swiss ID document. Mandatory declarations are automatically pre-filled and ready for dispatch. Thanks to your own booking portal you can count on a comfortable margin and with the integrated statistical tools, you can easily take a step back and take a look at the broader picture of your clientele.

Built around the user !

Arhon®’s intuitive user interface makes it no challange to be productive, even for unexperienced users. Our development team is fully aware of the hotel staff’s daily requirements, which is why we built Arhon® with ease of use as one of our highest priorities.

Make it easier with Arhon®